Hello everyone, there’s a new class scheduled for August 9th – August 10th. WE need all the referees we can get! Especially adults to do the older age groups! This is a great way to get involved with the club and earn some side money as well.

Registration closes on August 5th; but I’m sure they’ll take walk-in’s. However, you MUST have an FSR account and complete “pre work” before class!!

Please forward this to your teams; there are many kids that could referee the youngest age groups.

For referees who let their certification lapse; you need to attend the full certification class. PLEASE SIGN UP!!

There is NO RE-CERT class anymore; it’s all ONLINE. If you are an existing Referee; GET RECERTIFIED!!!

There’s no minimum or maximum age to start refereeing. As long as you can show the knowledge of the game and aptitude to apply it; then you are welcome in the class.

For new Referee’s to sign up:

  1. Go to http://www.fsr-inc.com/how_to_become_a_referee.php or go to http://www.fsr-inc.com and on leftside menu click on, “Become a referee”.
  2. There’s a video on how to use the site to:
    • Create a FSR online account.
    • Register for Class
    • What online “PRE” work MUST be completed before showing up to class.
  3. Once you figure out how to use the site (not easy); you will need to create a FSR user and Register for the class.
  4. You will get an email confirmation.
  5. There is PRE WORK that MUST be completed BEFORE class!!!!!
  6. It’s important you pay attention, and take notes. (Takes about 6 hours!)
  7. These videos are the first step of certification.
  8. There will be questions on final exam regarding these videos.
  9. Fee for new Referee’s is $100.

Class Schedule:

  • Saturday, August 9
    • 10am-12pm –> Introduction and Class
    • 12 –> Lunch
    • 1pm-5pm –> Class
  • Sunday, August 10
    • 10:30am-4pm –> Class

Thank you,
Chris Hall
FSC Referee & Field Assignor
(901) 301-6494