Competitive Fees

Florida Soccer Club ~ Spirit of Tampa Bay (Fee Structure)
for 2017-18

FSC Spirit Competitive teams are based on a ‘pay for play’ structure.

When evaluating ‘Player Registration Fees’ at different clubs one must pay particular attention to the specifics of the fees.  While many clubs today have numerous paid employees ranging from DOC’s, Asst. DOC’s, General Managers, Business Managers and Administrators, FSC has 2 paid positions; a Director of Coaching and an Administrator/Registrar.  The salary for these two positions is figured into each player registration.  Trainers and/or coaches are paid on a per session basis.  Their pay is built into the fees listed below.  FSC also relies on many volunteers and board members to assist in the running of the club and to keep fees as low as possible.

Each age group (team) has a flat fee per player that is paid directly to the club.

These fees per player/per age group are as follows:
U10 ~ $365.00
U9 ~   $365.00
U10 ~ $415.00
U11 ~ $465.00
U12 ~ $515.00
U13 ~ $565.00
U14 ~ $565.00
U15 ~ $615.00
U16 ~ $615.00
U17 ~ $615.00
U18 ~ $615.00
U10 ~ $615.00

These fees include the following:

  • FYSA Team Registration Fee
  • FYSA Player or US Club Player Registration Fee and Insurance
  • USA Team, YPDS Team, or US Club Team Registration Fee
  • FSC Referee Assigning Fees
  • All Kid-Safe background searches for all Coach’s.
  • As a professional youth soccer club all coach’s will follow the US Soccer Curriculum in regards to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological components of the game.  Age group specific.
  • Region Cup Team Fee ($300.00 total) OR State Cup Team Fee (up to $300.00)
  • Field Equipment & Maintenance
  • 4 Team Sponsorship Plaques (2 Coach Plaques and 2 Team Sponsorship Plaques)
  • Florida Soccer Club website maintenance (
  • Weekly Professional Training Sessions
  • Agility & Coordination Weekly Sessions
  • Goalie/Keeper Weekly Training Sessions
  • FSC/TTSA – Administrator/Registrar salary
  • FSC – Director of Coaching salary

*These fees do NOT include the following:

”    City of Temple Terrace Outdoor Seasonal Pass

Individual Passes: Temple Terrace Residents $57/non-Residents $114.00 per season
Family Passes: Temple Terrace Residents $88/non-Residents $176.00 per season

”    Uniforms (jersey, shorts, socks, training shirt)
”    Additional Tournaments (if requested or desired)
”    Additional Training (if needed).  Each team is allotted a specific $-amount (different amount per age group) for team training annually.  If those training monies are exhausted prior to end of season that respective team must raise their own monies to pay for training until season is complete.

*Each Team (NOT player) is responsible for providing the club with a $350 Sponsorship.  Many clubs require that each PLAYER provide at least one (1) $250 – $350 scholarship.

FSC does NOT require parents to volunteer for any duties unless they receive a player scholarship from the club.  At that point all volunteering hours are based on the amount of the scholarship monies provided.

The City of Temple Terrace Parks & Recreation maintains both the 113th Avenue Soccer Complex and the 301 Youth Sports Complex (field fertilization, mowing, edging, weed control, fencing, concession stand, bathrooms, watering, sprinkler repair, etc,.).

FSC maintains all goals, benches, net replacement and field set-up/lining.