Player Home Training Video Contest

Voting has ended.

Thank you to all who took the time to submit a video and for those who voted.

We hope this was fun and encouraged many during this time. We look forward to seeing everyone back on the pitch soon!

The COVID-19 Virus has affected most, if not all of the world.  With respect to our very own Spirit players it’s changed their lives and interrupted a game that they love.

The  FSC Spirit Player Home Training Video Contest is a great way to highlight some of our players who continue to work hard even through adversity. The  FSC Spirit Player Home Training Video Contest  is open for ALL Spirit competitive players/teams. Every player (boys & girls)  had 1 week to send a video of their ‘home soccer training’ and/or ‘soccer tricks’ while they are away from their current team training. 

  • The Winner will be announced on Monday, 4th.
  • The Winner will receive a $100 Gift Card and the team he/she represents will win a Team Pizza Party after a practice selected by the team Coach(s).
  • The Winner will be recognized and have his/her video put on all club social media (with parental approval) in recognition of his/her winning.

Thank you to all who submitted a video. Keep up the great work!

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