Spirit Competitive Soccer Tryouts to continue through May!

Florida Soccer Club – Spirit of Tampa Bay

 2018/19 Season Tryouts

BOYS AND GIRLS 1999 – 2009 

Please contact Mark Shepherd, Director of Coaching @mark.shepherd@floridasoccer.club.org to arrange for a tryout with the coach of your age group. 


Florida SC Spirit of 02/03 Boys4 TSYSA 02 BOYS OWEN0
Florida SC Spirit of 02/03 Boys2
Advanced on PK'sWHYSA KICKS 02 BOYS2
Florida SC Spirit of 02/03 Boys2FC SARASOTA 02 BOYS BLUE1
Florida SC Spirit of 02/03 Boys2CAPE CORAL SA 02 CYCLONES BLACK1
Florida SC Spirit of 02/03 Boys2Semi-finalsTAMPA DYNAMO 02 BLACK HOFMAN1
Florida SC Spirit of 02/03 Boys0FinalsDUNEDIN STIRLING2

**Important Note regarding playing up:
8u (born in 2010 or later) are allowed to play up one age group
9u (born in 2009) to 14u (born in 2004) are allowed to play up 2 years
15u (born in 2003 and earlier) are allowed to play up to 19u

For more information regarding FYSA’s Playing Up, Heading, and Tryout Rules click here.

*Player selection will be determined by FSC Staff based on what’s best for the player and the program.  ALL final decisions will be approved by Director of Coaching, Mark Shepherd.

PrintPlease note that Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) is requiring all participating clubs to follow the new “U.S. Soccer Age Group and Small-Sided Games Mandate” by August of 2017.

This change may impact the age group of your child as groupings are determined by calendar year instead of school year.

To read more information on these mandated changes go to  Florida Youth Soccer.
Download FAQ’s regarding these changes here.